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Tax Representation and domiciliation in Spain,VAT refund to non-residents,Spanish Identification Numbers for non-residents: NIF & NIE. Residence & Work Visas, Corporate structure to invest in Spain: branches, subsidiaries and representation offices, Tax advice in Spain - Non Residents taxes in Spain
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Tax Representation & Domiciliation

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Areas Of Practice

Legal advice for foreign investors within Spain

Tax Representation and domiciliation in Spain

Corporate structure to invest in Spain

VAT refund to non-residents

Non-resident taxation in Spain

Spanish Identification Numbers for non-residents

Accounting, payroll and tax compliance

Due Dilligence and other financial services


Real Estate management

You may have one or more properties in Spain that you do not enjoy as much as you would like. There are expenses on the maintenance of such properties and you need to cover them. Then you may need to rent such properties either permanently or only during periods you are away.


Translation assistance

PRO-ADVICE SPAIN is ready to offer you overall solutions to your requirements which need the use of knowledge of various languages, English particularly.


Owners community regulations

If you have bought an apartment or villa, which take part of a building complex, keep in mind that these will be subject to specific rules (the so called “Ley de Propiedad Horizontal”). This law is applicable whether you are enjoying or not your property.


Connecting to utilities on your new property

Once you acquired your property in Spain you should have all utilities running, such as water, electricity, gas, etc. All theses suppliers should be aware about the new ownership as well as the new bank account number to pay on time for the utilities.

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Annual tax returns

Trademarks and trade names

Spanish Social Security registration

Insurance premiums: home, car and medical healthcare

Strategy Planning