Tax advice in Spain - Non Residents taxes in Spain,corporate structure to invest in spain: branches, subsidiaries and representation offices,
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Our Firm has a long experience in assisting non-resident entrepreneur and individuals with businesses within Spain, with the facility of being attended in their own language.

Legal advice for foreign investors within Spain.

Our Firm is at the outset a Legal Bureau with broad knowledge of our local base regulation, regardless private or Corporate side, specially focused on the foreign investment in Spain ruled by non-residents.

Tax Representation and domiciliation in Spain.

Our Firm is frequently demanded as Tax Representative for non-resident Companies and individuals with interests within Spain. In addition, this service can be hired together with domiciliation of the client´s activities on our Bureau. We can also handle the Electronic Mailbox for these clients if needed, as to avoid any communication from our local Authorities may be lost or left to be answered.

We deal with all the necessary paperwork to have our representation/domiciliation ready asap. In addition, and if you hire the Electronic Mailbox service, you´ll be sure you´ll be immediately be informed on every communication received from our local Administrations, in plain English, giving you instructions on what to do to sort it out properly.


Corporate structure to invest in Spain: branches, subsidiaries and representation offices.

We are familiar advising the foreign client in regards the Spanish legal framework, so we can suggest the best vehicle to handle your investment in Spain. We monitor or handle the incorporation of a Company locally, as well as the administration and/or representation of every non-resident business in Spain, all according to your needs.

VAT refund to non-residents.

Many non-resident Companies or professionals have input VAT of Spanish source on their activities held locally (eg: expenses on trade fair, congresses or conferences attendees, business trips within Spain like hotels, car or stand rentals, etc.). In certain conditions, most of this local VAT is refundable, so please let us know and we´ll provide you a personal answer to your needs, trying to get as much money back as possible.


Non-resident taxation in Spain.

Our Firm is ready to assist you regardless you´re ruling a business in Spain or only hold a property here.

Thus, we can assist you in all your tax concerns of your business or Company in Spain, as well as your legal or accounting necessities.

For your existing business we do a tax compliance test, study your business background and tailor a tax planning for you.

Also, we are ready to manage your property by providing all the necessary to allow you to enjoy it without trouble leaving you free of having to face unpleasant paperwork.

Spanish Identification Numbers for non-residents: NIF & NIE. Residence & Work Visas.

All foreign non-resident Company or Individual with interests within Spain must apply for a NIE number, in the same way the Spanish Companies and Citizens have its own DNI or NIF number. This is essential for all purposes: from opening a bank account locally, to acquire or sell a property.

Also, if you´re willing to live temporally or permanently among us, and you´re not an EU Citizen, you´ll need a Residence Permit, or a Work Permit if you want to work in Spain.

For those foreign individuals who invest 500.000 Eur or more in assets located in Spain, we can claim for a Residence Permit (“Golden Visa”).

Our Firm draft for you the special power you´ll have to issue in your home notary to allow us to do all the paperwork on your behalf.