Pro-Advice Spain | OUR FIRM
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Learn about our history and work

Our Firm

Our firm is a group of professionals (mainly attorneys and graduate trade consultants) with wide experience in financial, tax and legal advice to individuals and businesses.

Our practice has been specially focused to foreign clients with interests in Spain (properties and businesses), either:

  • Individuals who come to Spain from time to time to enjoy their vacation or are living here permanently. Among these there are also who run their own business or rent their properties in Spain.
  • Corporations and Ltd Companies who develop certain economic activity in Spain either permanently (Permanent Establishment) or for a certain limited period of time (such as a fair trade, installation or construction project, etc.).

As there are different kinds of activities, there are also different needs that demand specific assistance and knowledge. PRO-ADVICE SPAIN is well familiar with local rules and the particular needs of foreign nationals with interests in Spain. Therefore we are ready to provide efficient solutions to all those needs.

Besides, we are able to communicate with you in your own language, so you will be informed about every issue in a way you will always understand.

Our objective is to develop a personal, friendly, independent and safe relationship with all our clients in order to gain their confidence and estimation. Only in this way we will gather all the essential information needed to provide the best solutions to our clients concerns, avoiding the risks may arise when operate alone.

PRO-ADVICE SPAIN will fulfil all these needs.